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You are specialized in food distribution, looking for a manufacturer of cooked dishes or pasta where you plan to expand, your range of cooked pasta ...

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Thanks to its know-how, the company PESCE invites you to your table, but not with any guest, THE SUN.

A whole history and a Mediterranean journey, with a passionate Italian chef, heir to a rich heritage, the kingdom of dough. From the small workshop to a more industrial environment, a marriage that combines craftsmanship and gastronomy follows. From this colorful alliance, authentic cooked pasta dishes were born, tasty Creativity, freshness, selection and respect for the best quality raw materials and here is the pleasure of dough cooked as at home.

It is up to you to share with your privileged guest, your demanding clientele, our greedy motto:

"Simplify life, surprise family, friends, children ... What do we eat? Pasta Cotta of the Pesce casa, a treat for the taste buds and eyes, delicious pasta lovingly prepared to heat in the oven or microwave »
Buon Appetito

Some of our preparations.
Taste, Quality and freshness ... These are our first criteria!